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"Monica was an essential part of my recovery from a major ankle sprain. I had a week before my next race (100K distance) when it happened, and she squeezed me in and worked with me on mobility, worked out some of the "gunk" in there, and taped me up and got me ready. I finished the race not too far off my PR pace. She has been a huge part of my preparation and recovery for ultra distance running events, ranging from 50 to 100 milers. I cannot recommend her enough, she is thorough, excellent at explaining what she is doing, assesses where you need work and delivers quality massage therapy that is relaxing, rejuvenating, and extremely beneficial. I made it a point to see her before and after big events, and feel a fair amount of my successes and rapid recovery are directly tied to her work."             Joseph C.



"Monica worked on me after my hip replacement surgery. She listened to my concerns, addressed my requests, and made me feel safe. I recommend her enthusiastically."                                                                 Carolyn T.



"I broke both feet in a fall while rock climbing. The swelling was terrible. Monica's bodywork made a huge difference in bringing down the edema so I could heal."                                                                            Boris B.


"Monica is a rare combination of kindness and talent. She has an exquisite and knowledgable touch. She is deeply educated, thoughtful and wise. People trust her immediately and recognize her as an honest, deep resource in the healing arts. Her presence itself is soothing, but her touch will send you into a deeply blissful place. I recommend her over any other therapist I have worked with."                                                                                        Daya Fisch, MS, CMT